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Product Showcase

An in-depth look at an exciting product within Invacare's range of Safe Patient Handling solutions

Invacare ScanBeta NG Paediatric Bed

The Invacare ScanBetaNG is a safe and configurable bed that changes with the needs of a child.


Perfect for children aged from 3 to 12 years old, the ScanBetaNG combines safety and comfort to deliver a configurable, highly cost-effective solution for disabled children in community environments.

Equipped with 4 braking castors, a lockable handset and attractive Beech veneer bed ends as standard, the 4-section profiling mattress platform of the ScanBetaNG has been anthropometrically designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety for children of varying conditions and ages.


The ScanBetaNG is available in the following mattress platform sizes:


700 (w) x 1600mm (l)

800 (w) x 1800mm (l)


Highly configurable, the ScanBetaNG is available with a selection of 800mm high sides to help meet the changing needs of a child. The 5 models of the paediatric bed can be composed with a combination of the following sides:

Folding bar panels

Folding Perspex panels

Fixed bar panels


There is a selection of 20mm deep upholstery covers available to fit over all versions of the sides.

Desgined with safety as a priority, the ScanBetaNG has been rigorougly tested to Nordic Requirement Specifications along with all current regulations and safety criteria.

The height adjustable mattress platform of 300 - 900mm enables easy access for children to transfer in and out of the bed, whilst it also helps to create a safe working height for care givers.

For increased safety, folding bar panels are equpped with locking mechanisms which can only be opended by releasing two latches.

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